Hello. I’m Logan.

This blog is for interesting people, like you, who might find my ideas useful or entertaining. If you want more you can probably find me by sending an email to a Gmail account with my first and last name as one word.

I run. I create and think about strategy for a living. I read and watch movies for fun. Sometimes I write.

I have a girlfriend fiancee wife named Cassandra. She is a beautiful, awesome person. I’m lucky she stays around.

Together we have had a dog-daughter named Luna. She is was a Weimaraner and is was loveably stubborn. Luna loved us with all she had until September 25, 2014. As of early 2015 we have two new dogs in our life. Our dog-daughter Hazel is the sweetest chocolate lab on earth. Our dog-son Mac (full name Macintosh) works as my running partner because all border collies should have a job.

I run to keep my head on straight. I prefer trails to pavement. Sometimes I race in ultramarathons.

I design all kinds of stuff, but mostly I focus on the web.

I code some of the stuff I design.

I take pictures. You can see them on my photo tumblr.

I focus on being happy, day-by-day.

And because we all love legal stuff:

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In other words, if you buy something from one of the links on my blog I’ll get money to buy more books and films. Thanks!