Running: Day 71

My leg felt almost 100 percent on today’s run. I’m so glad it’s healing and I can’t wait for it to be back to normal. Luna is also getting better at running with me, with a few exceptions.

There were a lot of people out on the road/trail today. Sometimes Luna gets distracted by people or other dogs, but she kept it mostly in check today. There was a woman walking two Chihuahuas without leashes and they were terrible. We passed them twice on the route and both times they yapped and ran after Luna while trying to bite her. She handled it well and only got hung up temporarily when they got underfoot. I wanted to yell at the woman about keeping her dogs on leash but I figured it would only aggravate her so I kept on going.

We only had one other issue during the run. Somehow Luna found some kind of bone on the sidewalk when we were almost home. At first I thought it was a piece of wood but she was really trying to eat it. We’ve already had problems with her eating things she shouldn’t and getting sick, so I decided to get whatever it was out of her mouth. She’s very food motivated (likely because she was a stray and had to fend for her own food) so I pretty much had to pry it out of her mouth. It took a while to get it out, but once it was gone she just started running again like it was nothing.

Tomorrow is an off day, then I’m slated for an 8-mile run on Saturday. If my leg feels 100 percent, or very close to it, I’ll likely go the full distance.

Happy running!

The stats
– Daily: 2.15 miles at 13:10 pace
– Week total: 6.34 miles
– January total: 10.1 miles
– 2012 total: 10.1 miles
– Distance to 2012 goal: 2,489.9 miles

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